At Spurlings we operate a transparent pricing policy and we have set out below an indication of our fees for our most common services:-

Residential sales and purchases

Freehold up to £500,000.00 = £875.00
Leasehold up to £500,000.00 = £975.00.

Freehold over £500,000.00 = £1,000.00
Leasehold over £500,000.00 = £1,200.00

Over £1,000,000.00 = £1,500.00


£500.00 – £600.00

Please note that the above costs are for guidance only and are subject to final instructions and VAT. There may be extra costs if you are purchasing with the assistance of Help to Buy.

Spurlings is committed to providing a professional and high-quality service at all times. Any expression of dissatisfaction about our service will be taken very seriously.

Buying and selling property clearly requires careful management of your personal finances, however, we advise against choosing a solicitor based on cost alone and recommend that you also consider experience, recommendations and professional standards.

Our legal fees are based on the following:-

• Time spent on reading and preparing documents, correspondence, meetings and phone calls.
• Specialist experience, knowledge and skills.
• Difficulty and legal complexity and value of the property or Estate.

Further information is set out in our Terms and Conditions.